Donny Conn

Gone Autos Podcast #5: Donny Conn of The Playmates

Nash Rambler fans: listen and weep, weep. Here comes the true story of Beep Beep.

Donny Conn of the 1950's group The Playmates reveals to Gone Autos that his band's most famous song wasn't actually about a
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Rambler. (It was about the...sorry. I can't bend your frame like that. Better let Donny do it.)

Take a Sunday drive down Memory Lane with the radio on as Donny tells the story of The Playmates while Gone Autos brings you vintage Playmates music. And buckle up for a little mythbusting along the way.

This Gone Autos podcast is not a thing to scorn. In fact, it's our best one yet. Get it. You won't regret it.

Listen here.